Luke Murphy, Software Engineer
| +31684233964 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands, NL
Aptivate: Digital Agency for International Development
Director and General member of staff 2017-11-01 - 2019-05-01
  • Launched a micro-insurance platform to serve an estimated 600,000+ farmers in Malawi and Zambia with Pula Advisors.
  • Released several alpha versions of FollowItApp, an application designed to help victim-survivors of stalking record what’s happening to them, in collaboration with Media Coop.
  • Completed a zero downtime MediaWiki migration and CKAN system upgrade for MapAction.
  • Daily mail server, Nagios monitoring and client backup infrastructure maintenance.
Technologies: AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS S3, Ansible Molecule, Ansible, Borgbackup, Borgmatic, Django REST Framework, Django, Dovecot, MySQL, Nagios, Postfix, PostgreSQL, Python, ReactJS
Free Software Foundation Europe
Technical Intern 2017-01-01 - 2017-01-07
  • Analysis of existing technical infrastructure
  • Research and development for a new OAuth based authentication system for members
Technologies: Ansible, Drone CI, Flask, PostgreSQL, Pytest, Python
Noa Technologies: IoT Bike Fleet Platform
Python Back-end Developer 2015-12-01 - 2016-01-08
  • Development and deployment of an authentication system for administration users
  • End-to-end design, development and release of a new task management system for bike mechanics
  • Daily management and maintenance of a Google Campus bike fleet operations with SaltStack configuration management
Technologies: AWS DynamoDB, AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Django REST Framework, Django, Docker, PostgreSQL, Pytest, Python, SaltStack
Tracdelight: Premium Network for Fashion Publishers
Python Back-end Developer 2015-01-05 - 2015-01-12
  • Implemented and released new stores feature
  • Refactored in-house widget metrics and test infrastructure.
  • Increasing test coverage of existing codebase.
Technologies: Django REST Framework, Django, Nosetest, PostgreSQL, Python
Ammeon: Infrastructure Services and Solutions Partner
Test Engineer 2013-02-01 - 2014-01-01
  • Implemented new test framework for coming 2.0 version of the product.
  • Taught off-site engineers how to use the API to write their own tests.
Technologies: Nosetest, Pytest, Python
Python Back-end Development (5+ years experience): Django REST Framework, Django, Flask, MyPy Typing, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Trio
'DevOps' Infrastructure Management (3+ years experience): Amazon S3, EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS and Kinesis, Ansible Molecule, Ansible, Debian, Docker, Gitlab CI, Heroku, Hetzner, Linode, SaltStack, Travis CI
System Administration (3+ years experience): Borgbackup, Borgmatic, Debian based systems, Discourse, Docker, Docker-compose, Dovecot, Gitea, Linux KVM, MailMan3, MediaWiki, Munin, Nagios, NextCloud, Postfix, Rainloop, Wordpress
Javascript Front-end Development (1+ years experience): ReactJS, VueJS
Fedidrama: This Section is Non-normative, Pervasive Labour Union
  • Addresses the ActivityPub protocol in more detail, especially some of the criticism it faces for ambiguous specifications regarding issues of security, which results in privacy and trust concerns that AP developers have been trying to address.
Demystifying SSH,
  • Some of the essential things that separate a server from other computers is that first they are usually not where you are and second that often come without screen and keyboard.
Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care, Varia
  • Networks Of One’s Own is a periodic para-nodal publication that is itself collectively within a network. Each of the episodes is thought of as the ‘release’ of an experimental software stack, contextualised in its specific practice.
  • Trio based concurrent stream implementation of the hypercore protocol.
DatPy - Core Developer
  • A community based Python implementation of the Dat protocol.
University College Cork 2009-01-01 — 2013-01-01
Bachelor - Computer Science
English (Native) , Dutch (Beginner)
Low tech sustainability [ Self-hosting, Convivial tools, Counterfoil research ], Worker cooperatives [ Non-hierarchical organising, Consensus decision making, Worker demoratic ownership ], Politics of networking [ community wireless, mesh networking, local first, peer-to-peer, federation, decentralisation, interdependence ]